Denver and onward

So we left Mueller and headed to Colorado Springs, then on to Denver.  Bev had a flight back to Austin on the 8/22 so she could be back a few days before school started on the 27th.  We figured we would get a site at Cherry Creek State Park, which is in Aurora in the Denver metro area, to be close to the airport.  We thought we would get a rental car using my brother’s special rate (he travels a lot for work), but the company had no cars.  I checked Enterprise and several other companies, but the rate was over $50 per day.  We didn’t really have anything planned to see/do in Denver, so it seemed a bit spendy to get a $50 car, then figure out what to do in the area.  We really wanted to not travel for a couple of days, get some laundry done, make sure Bev was all packed and ready to go, etc.  So we hung out at Cherry Creek.

Site # 15 at Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek is a full hookup campground, with a really nice camper services (restrooms, laundry, showers, vending, etc.) building.  The building was almost next door to our site, so we had an easy time getting our laundry done.  (Again, I used to view and select a shady site before reserving.)

While there I spent some time researching Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks.  When I knew we would be going to Denver, I figured it would be good to go on to Wyoming and visit them, which I had wanted to do for a long time.  I had picked up a Yellowstone/Grand Teton travel book in Austin, but hadn’t really planned it out, focusing on the Texas to Colorado part of the trip first.  At Cherry Creek I had a phone call with my friend Dwight, who is from that area and goes back-country camping in Yellowstone with a group of guys every year.  Turns out we had a few overlapping days when we would be there at the same time, and we both planned to stay at Norris Campground.  So, we made plans to meet just after Labor Day at Yellowstone.

On Wednesday, the 22nd, Bev and I packed up and headed to the airport.  Initially we didn’t think that we could drive a motorhome to the airport (one other reason for the rental car idea), but my brother found out that we could drive to departures, which is on an upper level and has no low-clearance areas.  We had to say a quick goodbye at the drop off area and I was off.  Sad time.  Now it was just Riley and me.

While in the Denver area I wanted to run a few errands, including replacing the radio in the cab.  The Alpine stereo that was there was overly complicated (not easy to set or select the pre-set buttons) and then it died a few days before leaving on the trip.  Now that I didn’t have Bev to talk to I would really need to get a new stereo installed.  The rig is set up with extra speakers behind the couches above the back window, so I can listen to the radio while relaxing in the evening.  This is why car stereos with remotes are very handy.  I was able to find the Pioneer model I wanted (with Ipod controls and USB port for charging) at the Best Buy in Loveland, north of Longmont, where I was staying at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  I had originally wanted to go to the Missile Site Campground in Greeley, but it was dry-camping only and the weather there was warm.  I needed an electric hookup for A/C, so went to the fairgrounds site.

Longmont, Colorado at Boulder County Fairgrounds

The next morning I would visit downtown Longmont (very cute main street), weigh the rig at the trucker stop (only 200 pounds under max weight, must dump some stuff soon), swing by Best Buy, and then head into Wyoming.


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