New Mexico – Bluewater Lake to Elephant Butte Lake

After the stop in Winslow we continued on to New Mexico. I was looking forward to using my NM State Park Pass that I had bought at Storrie Lake.  There were several southern NM parks I wanted to visit on my way back to Texas, and the cost would be $4 per night (or $0 if I didn’t need hookups).  After stopping in Gallup for gas and groceries we headed to Bluewater State Park.  Barbara of Me & My Dog wrote that she stayed there for several weeks over the summer and was back at the campground for a little bit before heading to Arizona. I had been following Barbara’s journey from downsizing and selling her condo, to buying a motorhome and getting on the road.  Also, we are members of the same WomenGoSolo RV group online.  I wrote to check if she would still be around by the time I got there and was looking forward to meeting her and Katie.  I got a chance to pick her brain about RV and lifestyle stuff, and we walked dogs and watched the wild horses in the park.  Katie is just SO cute!

Barbara and Katie

Barbara and Katie

Wild Horses at Bluewater Lake, and cool looking sky.

Wild Horses at Bluewater Lake, and cool looking sky.

Riley got some type of illness while at Bluewater and I spent 2 days taking him outside almost every hour.  Poor guy.  Eventually he got better and we did a bit of hiking on the canyon trail.  The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta ended on Sunday (10/14) and 3 Lazy Daze rigs arrived in the park on their way home. I met the owners – Cathy, Gini and Loralee, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.

I had arranged to have my dad send my accumulated mail to the park and it arrived on Monday.  On Tuesday we headed on to the next stop – Elephant Butte State Park.  Other RVers had recommended the South Monticello campground, which was the furthest north of the 5 RV campgrounds at the park.  The sites were nice and big, but most didn’t have a good view of the lake due to the drought and low water level.  I found one site next to a couple of Toyota Dolphins that had a bit of a lake view.  Turns out I parked right next to Chris (another member of the women’s RV group), who I had planned to meet at Heron Lake, and her friend, Andy.  They had just left the Balloon Fiesta and were on their way south.

Chris (with Edna) and Andy, with Daisy in front and Riley in back

Chris (with Edna) and Andy, with Daisy in front and Riley in back

We had so much fun hanging out and watching the dogs play.  Edna likes to play and Daisy was game, but Riley just wanted to herd them.  There weren’t any other rigs close to us, so I was able to throw a ball for Riley.  He LOVES to run and fetch the ball.

On Thursday Andy headed back to her home in Arizona.  I moved to the main part of the park  to see how I liked that area and got a site at the Desert Cove campground.  Chris was also moving to that area and got a site across from me.  While there I had some work done by O’Neill Mobile RV Services. Chris had some work done by them earlier, and had recommended them.  It was super handy to have them drive up and take care of a few things on my list.  One thing I had been having trouble with was my awning, which wouldn’t quite close all the way.  Turns out it was rolled up backwards.  That was a cheap fix!  Chris and I stayed at Elephant Butte until Monday, when I drove 30 miles south to Caballo Lake State Park.  She was waiting for a mail package, so stayed in the campground, then was planning on heading to Caballo in a couple of days.  Some of her friends had just moved from the Balloon Fiesta to Caballo and we were planning to meet up with them there.  Will write about that and further travels in the next post.

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5 thoughts on “New Mexico – Bluewater Lake to Elephant Butte Lake

    • Hi Chris! Yes, good recent history. I am hoping to have posts on Caballo through Bottomless Lakes posted soon. I just noticed you are in Georgia already. Wow, you made good time! Hope you and Edna are having fun. Be safe!

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