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[Sorry this is a long post.  I have been a lazy blogger, having too much fun to post.  There is a lot to catch up on.]

Riley and I are still having a good time in Quartzsite, AZ.  The RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous) had lots of good seminars and fellowship. For the first week or so it was just us and we were pretty spread out.  As it got closer to the big tent show (Jan. 19-27) a lot of big Class A RV’s pulled in near us and parked side by side like sardines.  And wow, do they like to run their generators.  It was pretty loud, but we still enjoyed our spot.

CB's Rig

Here’s a picture of CB’s spot at sunrise, taken from my roof

Lots o' rigs

Later in the week lots of rigs arrived and they stacked them in like sardines




After (looks like I’m at an RV show)

I got to do some shopping at the vendor area.  They are geared to RV owners, so I got things like vent covers, LED lights, tools, etc.  Then, when the big tent show started, I got to ride over with CB and and his friends that were visiting from L.A.  It was HUGE, but was mostly just one big infomercial.  Lots of handy-dandy products for sale, and lots and lots of people.  It was packed.  I did splurge on a 6’x9′ mat for outside my door.

At the RTR I got to meet lots of neat folks like Kim, Ryan, Susan, Dori, Sandy, Joyce, Brad, and of course Bob, the organizer. I can see why many folks go back to the RTR every year.  Good times with great people.

My last sunset walk at the RTR

My last sunset walk at the RTR

By the 22nd the RTR was winding down and I headed over to the area across town where the Lazy Daze folks were gathered.  They had found a great area at the La Posa West LTVA, only about a 15 minute walk to the big RV tent show.  I had stopped by their site the prior week when out getting propane and doing my tanks, and was super excited to spend a couple of weeks meeting all of them and learning about repairs and improvements to my rig.  On the way over there I stopped by the bike shop and had 2 new tires/tubes put on, and also did laundry.  (There are always chores to do.)

The BLM area is a network of dirt roads, but well marked.

The BLM area is a network of dirt roads, but well marked.  Roger has his sign here, too.

Lazy Daze campsite

Lazy Daze campsite

Our site on the right, same style rig (it's a 2003 I believe) on the left

Our site on the right; same style rig (it’s a 2003 I believe) on the left

On Thursday the 24th I went with Roger, Linda and Jim to the big tent RV Show.  I wanted to get some more LED lights and a new fixture for my couch area.  The place was quite packed again, but I did get the fixture I wanted.  (Later I realized it wouldn’t fit and will have to exchange it when I get to Yuma.)  On Friday Jim was heading to Walmart in Parker and I got to ride along.  Jim has been a full-timer for 2.5 years and just a couple of weeks ago found a great vehicle here to tow.  Now Jim is the one providing rides to folks like me!  I hadn’t been to a proper grocery store since Casa Grande, so I was ready for a Walmart run.

Riley and I have kept up our daily walks.  I really enjoyed walking with folks at the RTR and have transferred that to an 8:30 a.m walk at the Lazy Daze camp.  Chris and I have been walking every morning and Linda and Jim have joined occasionally.  On our first walk Jim, Chris and I hiked up a hill with an old abandoned mine on top.

Jim and Chris at the top of the hill near the abandoned mine

Jim and Chris at the top of the hill near the abandoned mine

View of the big tent and surrounding area from the hill

View of the big tent and surrounding area from the hill

While here I have been able to do some work on my rig.  Although the LED fixture I got at the RV show won’t work, I have an IKEA fixture that I got from CB.  It’s a strip light that I wanted to hang under my back cabinet, above the table.  John and Roger explained how to take up the cabinet shelf to get to the space above the cabinet bottom.  (There is a bit of ‘subfloor’ in there where wiring runs.)  Then, when I had it up, John came over and drilled a hole for the wire to go through. He wired it to an existing switch that was originally for a fan that was replaced later with stereo speakers.  Now I have a great light in my main area that draws almost no electricity from my batteries at night.  Since I have solar and can boondock for extended periods, power usage needs to be as efficient as possible.  John also helped fix my step light and the trickle charger for my cab battery.  It’s so nice camping with Lazy Daze folks that know how all the systems work and can help those of us that need it.

When I first arrived I parked next to a new blue/white TK floorplan.  It looks almost exactly the same, although 20 years difference.  The newer paint jobs are a bit swirly, but this owner paid extra for the classic look paint scheme.

My 1992 Twin-King on the left and same floorplan 2012 rig on the right.

My 1992 Twin-King on the left and same floorplan 2012 rig on the right.

The Lazy Daze group is a fantastic bunch of people.  In the evenings we have a happy hour at 4:00, and then Roger starts a campfire about 5 or 6.  We sit and chat until about 7:00 or so when folks break up to go make dinner or just in for the night.  We have had a few cookouts, too.  Roger has a great grill.  He made a Tri-tip last night and everyone brought a dish or desert.  We also had a hot dog cookout on Sunday.  Tomorrow we are going to have a big breakfast, Roger on the grill.

That’s all for now, but I’ll leave you with a beautiful Arizona sunset over our Lazy Daze camp.

Lazy Daze Sunset

Lazy Daze Sunset


5 thoughts on “More from Quartzsite

  1. Sounds fun! Love all the pictures. Glad you have found so many folks to help you fine tune your LD. I am still considering going next year, with a stop in NM first of course.

  2. I’m so glad you were able to join us this year. It sure is nice getting together like this and learning from each other. I really enjoyed all your pics. I hope you can make it to the Balloon Fiesta as well.

  3. What a great time! Glad you hung out with the LD crowd – I’m sure you learned a lot. It was so good to meet you and Riley at the RTR. Hope to see you again but, in the meantime, will look forward to following your upcoming adventures.

  4. This is a very interesting post since it includes a lot of pictures. Now we can see what the area looks like and all of the various vehicles. Glad you are having a good time.
    Love, Dad

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