My New Lazy Daze

Here she is.  A 2001 Lazy Daze Mid-Bath.

New RV

My New Lazy Daze

We are still in the Denver area – Golden actually, on the west side of the metro area.  Finally found an RV park where I could stay for a month. Let me tell you – it is very, very hard to get a month in Denver in the middle of July.  Also, I found a Public Storage spot for my rig for the month to give me time to sell it.  (The RV park where I am staying doesn’t have storage space, and you aren’t allowed to park a spare rig in their overflow parking.)  The RV park is only about 1/2 mile from the light rail line, and so is the storage spot.  So, I can use the train to get over there as needed, without having to drive the new RV.  Mass transit is so handy!

Anyway, been SO busy.  I picked up the new RV on Thursday, the 18th.  Cliff and Joyce, the prior owners, have been just great.  I was able to park in front of their place, next to the new rig, to do the big transfer.  Got almost all my stuff moved over and stuffed into every crevice by mid-afternoon so I could get the old rig over to the storage.  Cliff drove his car to the storage with me so I could have a ride back.  The RV park reservation started on Friday, so we just headed to the nearby Walmart for Thursday night.  Had to go by the storage spot the next day to finish getting my stuff out of the basement areas of the old rig, then got settled in my spot for the month.  Been organizing ever since.

The day before I got the new rig, I wrote up an ad for the Lazy Daze forum and created a website with info and pictures.  Within a couple of days there were 2 very interested parties that had seen my ad.  Eventually I also got an ad up on the Denver Craigslist and on another site that gets picked up on the aggregator Oodle.  Those brought several more inquiries and 2 more interested parties.  I did come to an agreement with a very nice couple from Michigan from the Lazy Daze forum.  I think they will really enjoy the rig, and I’m happy to see it go to someone that will enjoy it as much as I have.  They arrive on Sunday and we will make the transfer on Monday.  I’m sad to see it go – so many enhancements added for comfort and convenience.  My dad and I did a lot of work on it in December.  It was a great home for the past year, truly a cozy cottage.  Everyone that visited loved it.

While I’m here I will take advantage of the big city to get a scooter and a rack/ramp carrier.  I’ve been researching scooters for several months, and had narrowed it down to a Genuine Buddy 170i or Kymco 200i LX, finally deciding on the Kymco.  Sportique Scooters has a few stores in the area and have been great when I’ve visited,  so I will get one ordered from them in the next day or two.  Also, need to decide on a carrier, which I’ve been researching as well.  Then I will need to take the Basic Rider course from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation so that I can get a motorcycle endorsement added to my Texas driver’s license.

Chris is coming for a visit tomorrow.  He was able to reserve a week at the RV park where I’m staying.  It will be really good to see him and I’m sure we will do a bunch of touristing.  And, I’m excited to show him the new RV!  I think I’ve got it almost set and cozied up some.  Cliff and Joyce stopped by on Sunday and liked how I have the place.  It’s homey already!  Here are some pics:

I don’t have a table in the living room, so am using a shelf that I had between the couches (under the back table) in the old rig.  It works well for now.  Also, I have since added some blankets to cover the couches.  Gotta protect the upholstery and give it some coziness!  Riley knows he can only lay on his quilt.

My New Living Room.  Riley approves!

My new living room. Riley approves!

Closet storage.  I have added some wire baskets like I had in the old rig.  Prior owner Bob had added them, and I really liked them.  So, had to add to the new rig. The original idea came from Andy Baird.  Room for all my clothes, misc. stuff, and craft supplies up above.  And, there are 4 drawers under the closet.



Nice big bathroom.  Lots of storage, and a BIG shower.



Kitchen is not too much bigger than the old rig.  I like to make the stove cover into a shelf, another Andy Baird idea.  The metal underside of the stove cover gives me a place to have my “Dress Up David” magnet set, one of my favorite things.  Unfortunately, not much magnetic space in the Lazy Daze.  This will have to do.



Living room storage.  There are 3 good cabinets above the couches.  Lots of room.

Living Room Storage

Living Room Storage

I am really loving my new home.  Can’t wait to finish my tasks in Denver and get back to the forest with Chris.  It’s been nice to be able to run to the Walmart, Home Depot, and IKEA (Yay!), but it will be nice to be back boondocking in nature.  Hopefully I can get everything done before my month is up on 8/18.

By the way, I will still try to post about my travels in Yosemite, San Francisco, etc. I’ll just do it as ‘flashback’ entries interspersed with real time updates.  Hopefully that will work and I will eventually get caught up.

Update – I should clarify – the counter space in the kitchen is just a bit more than the old rig, but the kitchen itself has a great dinette that I didn’t have before.  So, the kitchen/dining/work area is really good space.




18 thoughts on “My New Lazy Daze

    • Thanks Barbara! Yeah, it’s a similar blue like the prior rig, so my stuff goes well. I like the dark wood, and the kitchen floor is a nice dark wood tile as well. I do think it’s going to be a great home for Riley and me for a long time. 🙂

    • Thanks! I hope we get to cross paths soon, too! We have a bunch of the same friends, I’m sure we’ll be in the same spot eventually. Hope you and Jim enjoy your visit to Yosemite. It’s so gorgeous!

  1. Jeanne, how nice things are going so smoothly for you, and you are obviously having a great time nesting and personalizing your new digs. CONGRATULATIONS! It looks great. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your scooter chronicles.

  2. This looks great! And you got the old rig sold pretty quick…and to someone in MICHIGAN too! LOVE that (Guess where I’m from!) Riley looks like he has settled in just fine and you have too. Looks like a great home. Looking forward to your adventures!

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