The Scooter

Well, I got my scooter.  Chris came in on 7/31 and the next day we went running around doing errands and stuff.  We went to Performance Cycle, who had the carrier rack and ramp in stock, then to Sportique Scooters.  They thought they would have to order the scooter, as there weren’t any in stock.  That would take about 10 days.  But, just after we left I got a call that there was actually one in stock that was still in the crate.  It just had to be transferred to the Englewood store and prepped.  I would be able to pick it up on Saturday.  Yay!  We got the carrier rack loaded on the hitch on Friday, then on Saturday we turtled-up and drove the new rig down to Sportique.  Chris snapped a picture with his iPhone when I first got a look at my new scooter.

New Scooter

New Scooter

By the way, Colorado just legalized marijuana.  They are still working out all the processes.  But, the area on Broadway in Englewood, where Sportique is located, is weed central.  One intersection nearby had 3 stores.  Maybe one day they will get a pot distributor on the 4th corner.  This place pictured below is next door to Sportique.  It’s called Nature’s Kiss at Broadsterdam.  I guess that’s what they call the area, as a reference to Amsterdam.  I think they should call it Engleweed.   This store is currently a medical dispensary, and you can’t go in without a prescription.  (I just wanted to check out what a weed shop is like, I swear!)  You see these green crosses all over town.  I guess they are the medical marijuana shops.  As the new law rolls out a lot of these shops will be able to sell regular retail.



Anyway, in order to get an M (motorcycle) endorsement on my driver’s license, Texas DPS requires a 2-day class approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  I was able to find one nearby that I could get into that was held Thursday and Friday, 8/8-8/9.  Chris was leaving on Wednesday, the 7th, and I wanted to get it done ASAP.  The class was held at G-Force Powersports on Colfax, and it was a great place to take it.  All the folks there were fantastic.  The instructor, Jesse, was great.  I even liked the other guys in the class (all twenty-something guys).  They were really nice, and were super helpful when I needed to get my scooter unloaded off my carrier.  I did accept some help, but I need to learn to do as much of it by myself as I can.  To load it back up after classes I asked Adam, who manages the G-Force training program, to help me learn to get it up on the rack and strapped down properly.  Again, he was really helpful, but it is very hard to do, both weight-wise and structurally.  It’s bulky and hard to balance as it goes up/down the ramp, and until I get it firmly strapped down.  I’m not sure if I will ever be able to do it all by myself.  I am happy to say I passed the course and can now send off my paperwork to the Texas DPS and scoot around.  It will be so nice to have my own mobility, not having to get Chris to drive me into town, or drive my big rig.

Here is a shot of the scooter at the RV park, with the new rig.




Loaded  (Chris and I are going to drill some new holes for the wheel chock so it sits further over to the left.)

For practice I scooted in to Golden yesterday to go to the grocery store and to check out the downtown area.  It’s super-touristy downtown.  Of course there is the famous Golden welcome sign:

Golden Welcome

Golden Welcome

Gotta go – need to scoot over to Home Depot and Camping World down the street…


13 thoughts on “The Scooter

  1. Yay! What fun to have a scooter! My sister had a Stella and I had a blast riding it around. So happy for you Jeanne! Safe travels. Maureen

  2. Good for you Jeannie that looks like so much fun! And seeing as I might hit Colorado on my way to NM in the Fall I already checked into buying some pot. Here’s the deal….they can’t sell it until Jan 1 2014 and if you aren’t a resident of CO they can still sell it to you (or to me LOL), but only a quarter of an once. Residents get to buy a whole once! So no pot for me this year. So Jeannie, where to next?

    • Hey Chris! We will have to keep in contact in the next month or so. I will be in NM for the fall too. Abique mid-Sept. Then to Albuquerque for Balloon Fiesta, like you guys did last year. Then bumping around NM until mid-November when I head back to TX. Will be great to see you again!

  3. I’m interested in seeing how you do with the scooter. I would like to get a class A but I’m a little concerned how towing a car would be as far as length, ease of hooking it up, etc. So, I wondered if a scooter thing would be better or not. So, I’ll be watching. 🙂

    • Hi Donna, There are a lot of ladies that solo with towing a car. I just didn’t want the hassle. The scooter isn’t super-easy yet. Hopefully it meets my needs. My neighbor here in Golden, Carol, has a class A toy hauler with a 3-wheeled Harley that she carries in the back. I’m sure you will find a good solution that works for you.

  4. Very interesting blog. Sorry to hear you are having trouble loading/unloading the scooter. Does it block you rear view camera? Call us when you have a chance. Love, Dad

  5. A scooter might be the solution to tagging a car on behind…will be interested to see how difficult it is to master the loading and unloading. Have fun in CO! 🙂

    • Hi Dawn, yep, working on the loading/unloading. I may not have much need to do it myself if Chris is with me, or other friends and neighbors. But, I would like to eventually be able to handle it myself. Today I got some angle iron from Home Depot to bolt onto the end of the carrier channel, to keep it from going off the end as I’m loading. Maybe with little tools or tricks I will be able to get it by myself.

  6. Your Aunt Joan often used to say she we going to ‘scoot’ somewhere — of course she just meant she was going somewhere — you can really do it. LOL love, mom

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