A Week at Abiquiu

After getting my scooter fixed in Santa Fe we headed north to Abiquiu Reservoir where we were meeting several Lazy Daze friends at the Corps of Engineers campground for a week – 9/20-9/27.  We had Lazy Daze folks John/Linda, Frank/Cookie, Roger, Jim, Ed/Carol, and Ken.  Also, John and Linda’s neighbors Owen and Carol are with us in their Airstream. Chris stopped at Elk Creek on the Conejos River to fish after Salida, arriving on Sunday.  Most everyone is on the way to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta in October.  Linda is the organizer for the Lazy Daze group (40 rigs!!) meeting at the fiesta.

Abiquiu Site

Abiquiu Site

Each morning we would walk around the campground loops.  Roger is an avid walker, and Linda, Ed, Chris and I would walk with him (and dogs Riley, Sadie, and Gopher).  Morning around the lake is just beautiful.


Just after sunrise

Most evenings we would meet for “Happy Hour” at 4:30 with snacks. One night Roger made ribs for dinner and we all brought sides/desserts.  They were so good, having smoked all day.  The guys (and their dogs) were all available to help Roger put the ribs on the Traeger barbeque:

Guys and Ribs

Ed, Frank (with Buddy), Roger, John (and Sadie), Owen (behind John) and Jim (with Chica)

On another night Owen and Carol made a big pot of chili in a dutch oven over a wood fire at their campsite.  Really delicious, also having cooked all day.

Chili Night

Chili Night

Last night Ken made a Caesar salad.  Plus, he demonstrated how to make it, in a wooden bowl with proper ingredients.  It was fantastic.  I doubt I will be able to have a salad with bottled Caesar dressing anymore.  But, now I know how to make one from scratch in about 10 minutes.  Yay!

Ken's Caesar Salad

Ken’s Caesar Salad

Internet signal is a bit sketchy at the campground, so one day I rode into the town of Abiquiu with Linda to go to the library.  It’s in an old plaza with this lovely adobe church:

Abiquiu Church

St. Thomas Church

I got to ride my scooter around a bit.  It was handy to use to carry my dish from my site up the hill for dinners/happy hours.  Also, I rode around on the nearby roads and checked out the river downstream from the dam.

Abiquiu Reservoir

Abiquiu Reservoir from Hwy 96 overlook

Dam and Power Plant

Dam and Power Plant.  Hwy 96 is above and you can see the road down to the river zig-zag down the dam.

The cliffs along the river downstream are really pretty.

Chama River

Chama River downstream.  Not running too fast, but kind of murky for fishing.

It sure was fun spending a week with friends (and making new ones).  We are heading out tomorrow to Santa Fe for a few days before Albuquerque.  Frank and Cookie, Ed and Carol, and Chris have headed down there already.  I hear gas is just over $3.00 in Santa Fe (under $3 in Albuquerque).  Can’t wait – my last fill up was $3.74 in Poncha Springs, CO.  That’s almost to California prices!

After getting my scooter’s first service done in Santa Fe on Oct. 1st, Riley and I will go to Sandia Casino in Albuquerque.  There we’ll meet Chris from Vermont (Christine) and Carol, who we camped with last fall.  They watched the Balloon Fiesta from Sandia last year with Randy, Laurie, CB, Tish and others but I missed it.  So, I planned to do that this year.  Unfortunately, CB is in Myrtle Beach, and Randy and Laurie are in Arizona.  But, I’m sure Christine, Carol and I will have fun and meet some new folks.  Looking forward to it!


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