Storrie Time

Well, our time at Storrie Lake State Park is about to end.  We have pretty much spent the summer here.  The weather has been really great, plus it’s close to town and has good Verizon signal.  I don’t watch a lot of TV, but there is good broadcast TV signal here, too.  Several of my friends have spent time here (Barbara, Roxanne, Annie, Nancy, Lorna, Ryan), and I’ve met some new folks (John, Jan, Renee, Patty, Brad, Dave).  And Riley got to make some new friends, too.

The weather is a big factor.  Here is the August weather in Las Vegas this year.  Highs in the 70’s and low 80’s, lows in the 50’s.  I’ll take it.

Las Vegas Weather

And here is Austin in August 2011, the last time I spent August there. (We’ve been on the road since 8/2/12.) Thirty five years of this is enough.  No more.

Austin Weather

Austin Weather

They have a Carnegie Library here, and I was able to get a temporary library card, so that was nice.  It’s a pretty place, sits on a whole block.  The homes surrounding the library block are being restored.

Carnegie Library

Carnegie Library

Library Square Houses

Library Square Houses

Renovation of a house across from the library into a gingerbread cottage.

Renovation of a house on the corner across from the library into a gingerbread cottage.

Las Vegas has a nice plaza, with the historic Plaza Hotel on one corner.  Threadbear is a quilt and yarn shop I visited a few times.  It’s just across the street from the Plaza Hotel.  There is a farmer’s market here on Saturday mornings, plus other major events like the Rough Riders biker rally in July.



We did a LOT of dog walking together.  We’d often do two-a-days.  Katie has a bad ankle and can only walk a short distance, then rides in the doggie stroller.

Riley walking with his friends Jake and Katie (Katie has a bad ankle and can only walk a short distance, then rides in the doggie stroller).

Riley walking with his friends Jake and Katie.  (And my friends Annie and Barbara.)

Awww, she's so cute.

Awww, she’s so cute.

I did a bunch of weaving on my new inkle loom.  I REALLY love making bands on it.  I have made a few things for my friends (belts, a dog leash, a camera strap) and have just finished some dog collars.  Probably will work up some stuff for my Etsy shop.

Dog Collars

Dog Collars

Weaving in the shade

On hot days (about 95 was the hottest in July) I took the inkle loom out to our shade structure.  Riley loves hanging out there and I would visit with John and/or Barbara.

So, we are about to head out of here tomorrow (9/3) and go to Santa Fe.  Iska and Larry are going on a trip and I get to house/pet sit.  Yay!  It will be good to visit with them a bit, and I love staying out there.  On the 18th we go up to Taos for a Lazy Daze ladies (Ladeze) gathering.  Then to Albuquerque for some Ford scheduled maintenance and the Balloon Fiesta.  Lots of fun times with good friends planned.

A couple more Storrie views:

I moved to the far north end. by the dam and boat ramp.  Nice view from there.

We moved to the far north end, by the dam and boat ramp, before the Labor Day weekend.  Nice view from there.  Moved back to the loop on Sunday.  It’s better (nicer, quieter) here.

Another lovely day

Another lovely day.  I will miss this.

[By the way – the dump station here is broken and closed.  They will not have it fixed this season.  We have been going to the RV park across from the Walmart since the end of July.  They charge $5.00 and just have you pull into an empty site to use the sewer connection.  FYI for anyone planning a visit.]

17 thoughts on “Storrie Time

  1. Sure was a fun summer! That was a great wrap-up.

    Your dog collars look great, and I love the sunset photo! I’m so behind with my blogging, now I feel guilty. Soon, soon… 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, what a great time we had! Especially when Annie and Roxi were here. Good times. 🙂
      No, you are a much better blogger than me. I think I hadn’t posted in 5 weeks or something. I should do like Sebastian ( and do one post a month. It’s all in there!

  2. So glad I got to spend time with you this summer (and Barbara, Roxi, Renee, Nancy, John.. did I miss anyone?). Jake misses his buddies and I miss you guys, too. I hope our paths cross again!

  3. Interesting blog. Your weaving is really pretty. What kind of books did you get from the library?

    A month or so ago Dad applied for a $5000 grant for our Friends of the Lakeshore Library group. The county doesn’t give the libraries money for books since money is so tight now so the Friends have been giving our librarian the money for books. The grant was just approved so that will pay for a lot of months of book bills.

    lots of love, mom

    • Thanks! They had some weaving books, and a good one on herbal remedies and lotions, stuff like that. You know me – non-fiction. Plus a yoga DVD. Glad you guys got the grant. This library seems decently funded. They even had several nice Apple desktops. Love, Jeanne

  4. I wonder what you do with Riley when you go to the library or the farmers market. Or, the grocery store. We travel occasionally in our RV and have major problem dealing with our two dogs when we have to buy groceries. Only one of us can go when the other one stays with them. We also cannot go yo restaurant or do anything else without dogs. While we love them, it becomes very difficult logistical problem.

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Marysia, I can usually leave him in the RV. I go out in the morning while it’s still cool inside, leaving windows open partway and vents open. He’s not a barker when I’m gone, so that’s good. He just goes and lays down until I get back. I have skipped some things because I couldn’t take him. Like if it’s hot when we are passing a place I want to visit. If it’s hot inside the RV I will skip it. Also, I make sure I am only gone for 4 hours max, so I can get back and take him out for potty. But, popping in to the grocery store, or leaving him to go out to dinner is not a problem usually.

  5. Well *there* you are Jeanne Bold! Nice to see you here again, not to mention great photos of downtown. Your collars are terrific — too bad a dog doesn’t own me!

  6. It was a fun summer, I am glad you where around, always brighten my day to see you. All you ladies made my summer a great one.

    The weather is to kill for if you ask me 🙂

    Nice post.

  7. It was a lot of fun hanging with all you guys this summer! It’s good to laugh. I’m parked next door to Patty right now, and I’m not being very social. I hope she’ll understand.

    See you down the road before long!

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