Coverage and Closing

Next we moved to Heron Lake State Park.  I have read about RV’ers that really like it there, and one of the ladies on the Solo Women RV Yahoo group I’m on was working there.  So, I make a reservation for 3 nights.  I looked at the available sites on the Gov reservation site, and photos of the sites on to see which to select.  One thing I didn’t check was my coverage app.  It shows where the Verizon coverage is, so I can see if my Mi-Fi device will work.  Turns out Heron Lake is in a big donut of zero coverage.  That might be OK most of the time, but not when I am just a few days away from closing on my house.  I would need to be in communication with the realtor’s office and get the HUD docs for review as soon as they were ready.

Heron Lake

Heron Lake Sunset

So, we just spent 2 nights at Heron Lake and moved to Navajo Lake SP, just south of Durango Colorado.  Durango is where I planned to go for closing.  Navajo Lake is pretty big and there was a trail leading down to the water from the campground (which is on a bluff above the lake).  Bev climbed on top of this HUGE rock.  The campground is very twisty and I was glad to have a 22’ motorhome.  I don’t see how big rigs negotiate the turns/sites in that park.

Navajo Lake site

Navajo Lake

Bev on top of the rock

The next day we drove to Durango, stopping at the Walmart on the way in.  We hadn’t really decided on where to stay yet.  There was a place south of town that we had found online the night before, but drove through and kept on going, hoping to find something not so run-down.  While at the Walmart I fired up the Ipad and looked at my All-Stays app.  Found a commercial campground on the north side of town that listed they were on the trolley stop.  We had noticed a trolley stopping in front of the Walmart.  Called and found they had space available.  So we stayed there Friday, 8/10 through Tuesday, 8/14 (closing day).  We would use the laundry, take the trolley into town as needed, and generally get things done.  Turns out, it was also right on the Animas River AND the Durango-Silverton (tourist) railroad goes right through the campground.  It was a fantastic site!  We really loved Durango.

View from our site. I especially like the old yellow pinto. My first car was a 1974 green pinto.

Durango-Silverton train

On Tuesday the 14th, we loaded up, dumped the tanks, and headed into town.  Checkout was at 11AM and my closing was at 4PM, so we had some time to kill.  Of course there’s always a Walmart run.  We also went by the information center.  On the way out we noticed a squirrel just standing on the sign.  I said that must be a little statue, then it moved his head.  So Bev got a picture real quick.  Little dude must have been waiting for a ride.

See the squirrel right under the Kiwanis seal?


Durango has a really nice network of parks.  There is a hike and bike trail all along the Animas River, and there is a major skate park.  We killed some time down at the park right behind downtown.  Then, as it got close to 4:00 we parked in front of the title company building, I went in to sign docs for about 15 minutes, and then we were off to camp alongside the Dolores River.

Animas River – lots of rafters and tubers

Downtown Durango