Riley’s Page

Wow, I can’t take my eyes off the Tetons!   Just kidding, there were some kids playing over to the side there. I really wanted to herd them.
Hey, wait up Chris.  Gotta check my pee-mail.

Hey, wait up Chris. Gotta check my pee-mail.

Bev took this picture of me in Rico, CO. We stopped at the cafe here for wireless access. (No signal at the Dolores campground.)

This is at Ridgway State Park in Colorado. I always keep an eye out for squirrels, even while relaxing.

At the downtown Durango riverside park with Aunt Bev

Here’s our site at Vedauwoo in Wyoming. I saw a moose here and didn’t even bark at it!

¿Qué es más hermoso?

Nice door at the Leasburg Visitor Center

Nice door at the Leasburg Visitor Center

11 thoughts on “Riley’s Page

    • Just wanted to share that if you need more magnet space in RV then do what I did … Go to Home Depot and buy a THIN sheet of steel they come in many sizes and thicknesses I bought a 12″x24″
      Very thin Sheet, for about 4 bucks drilled a hole at each corner and screwed it into one of my wood paneled walls… Now I can hang stuff on magnetic clips (get the heaviest industrial clips) that might be important to keep out like receipts etc AND hang magnets from all the aces we have visited… Looks nice too just silver smooth area! Enjoy

    • Hi John and Linda,
      We miss you too! And Sadie! We sure had a good time with you guys in Quartzsite. Yosemite was great. So may pictures to sort through, then will post about it. So beautiful!
      I know you will have a great time on your trip to Canada. I bet I will get to see the fun on Jimbo’s blog. Hope Sadie has fun with Chica!
      Safe travels,

  1. Jeannie
    Melinda in the lazy daze forum thought you might give me some tips on how you organized and made your 24′ lazy daze so cute. I am in the process of purchasing one. It is a 2012 TK model

    • Hi Nancy, Oh I would love to have a new Lazy Daze Twin-King. Like mine, but newer systems! You are so going to love it!

      I guess I have add just a few touches, not too many. I covered the couches with Indian blankets to maintain the upholstery, so they look neat. Added 2 throw pillows. I have a few decorative pictures/things hung up, not a lot. A couple of small plants live in the cup holders on the ledge under the back window. Hardwood-looking laminate floors were put in 2 owners ago, so I can’t take credit for them, although they really look good and people comment on the floor all the time. I try not to have too much stuff around. Riley has a bed between the couches, under the table. It’s a great spot for him to have a little den, and still see me wherever I am.

      I set up the stove cover as an “Andy Baird shelf”. Andy has so many ideas of making an RV a home. Have you seen his site? Andy’s a genius of RV living. His Eureka is a great resource.

      Hope this helps. Maybe we will cross paths and I will see you on the road soon!

  2. Riley looks like the most loving companion ever! I was delighted to see him posed in front of that door. I have that door on a blank journal book from when Andy had his Blurb store. I keep it for special things, but it should be brought out and used. It makes me smile every time I see it. I wonder if I could superimpose a photo of Riley onto the cover! ;->

    • Hi Judy, sorry, I’ve been offline a lot. At Hyde Memorial SP in Santa Fe. No signal at the CG. Yes, isn’t that the greatest door! I thought a handsome Riley in front of it would be pretty and it is. He is a cool, chill dog.

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