Scootin’ Around Santa Fe

Of course, I’m behind again.  Always behind on my blogging – sorry!  Anyway, Riley and I headed out from Abiquiu on Friday, Sept. 27th, to spend a few days in Santa Fe.  Our Lazy Daze friends were stopping there on the way to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, and I was able to tag along.  Several of them are members of the Elks lodge, which has parking for RV’ers in their back lot.  I was allowed as their guest.  On Friday night we enjoyed the steak and lobster dinner the lodge puts on.  Then, on Saturday morning, we went out to eat at The Pantry.  Great spot for breakfast.  Next we hit the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market.  It’s huge, with lots of vendors, partly outside and partly inside a large building in the “Railyard” area of Santa Fe.

Unfortunately, there was another camper with a loud generator running well into the night.  So, my friends decided to head on to Albuquerque on Saturday when we got back from the market.  I had to stay, since my scooter service appointment was set for Tuesday, 10/1.  So, I just hung out at the Elks, hoping they wouldn’t kick me out since my friends had left.  They didn’t, and their site was great – on the edge of town where the commercial businesses end and it’s mostly residential.  So, it was quiet (I wasn’t next to the generator guy), but an easy scoot to run errands and do some sightseeing.

Nice quiet site at the elks

Nice quiet site at the edge of town at the Elks

Chris didn’t stay at the Elks.  He had gotten to town a few days earlier and set up at Hyde Memorial State Park.  He needed to sort through some stuff in storage and get set up for a hunting trip.  Part of the preparation was getting his other vehicle, a Trooper, set up as a hunting camper.  It was stored at his friend Iska’s, who lives well out of town and has lots of room.  We planned to ride out there on Saturday afternoon, then he would drive the Trooper and I would drive his truck back to his hunting buddy Jack’s place.  (He planned to leave his Lazy Daze and truck at Jack’s while they were away hunting for 10 days).   I had met Iska when Chris and I were in Santa Fe in June, so was looking forward to visiting with her and her boyfriend Larry again.  She has a huge garden that was going to seed and we got to pick all we wanted – tomatoes, blackberries, mint, kale, basil, and other stuff I can’t even remember.  It was a nice visit, and Larry mentioned a bookbinding exhibit going on at the capitol. I added that to my sightseeing plans on Monday.

Monday morning I scooted into the downtown area, stopping at Capitol Coffee, then to the New Mexico capitol building across the street.  Here is my new favorite thing, motorcycle/scooter parking right up front:

Scooter parking at the capitol

Scooter parking at the capitol

The capitol building is really beautiful and the exhibit was fantastic.  The books were more artistic than the more practical notebooks and journals that I make, but I got some new ideas and learned of one technique that I hadn’t even heard of before.

Bookbinding Exhibit

Bookbinding Exhibit

Books and boxes

Handmade books and slipcases

This was an accordion book laid flat that displayed Thoreau quotes which I really liked:

Thoreau Book

Thoreau Book

The  lady at the capitol visitor center said I should go upstairs and see the art in the Office of the Governor.  She was right, very interesting art of all kinds.

Governor's Office

Governor’s Office

This one took up almost a whole wall.  It's so lifelike in person.

This one is huge. It’s beautiful and so lifelike in person.

After the capitol I headed over to the plaza area, finding a parking spot in front of a coffee shop.  The barrista came running out gushing over my scooter.  I told her how I traveled in an RV with the scooter on the back, which she hoped to do someday, so we talked for a while.  Then I checked out the plaza area.

Museum adjacent to the plaza.  I love the architecture of Santa Fe.

Museum adjacent to the plaza. I love the architecture of Santa Fe.

Here is the plaza.  In the background is the Palace of the Governors, the oldest building in the US.  It’s where Native Americans sell handmade items on the sidewalk outside.


The Plaza

Another view of the plaza

Another view of the plaza.  By the way, don’t call it a “square”, you will be corrected.  🙂

It was so great to be able to go wherever I wanted while in Santa Fe.  That was the point of getting the scooter – I wanted to have my own mobility.  Now I don’t have to rely on Chris or others to drive me around, and I don’t have to always take my rig when I need to go someplace or do some sightseeing.  Chris came by on Monday evening and helped me to get the scooter back on the carrier (I’m working on learning to do it myself), then we went out for dinner.  On Tuesday morning I drove over to Centaur Scooters and got my initial 200 mile service done.  All went well, they said the scooter looked good, and I was able to get on the road, arriving at Sandia Casino in Albuquerque before sunset.  The plan was to hang with my friends at Sandia, see the balloons from there, then try to visit with the Lazy Daze folks at Balloon Fiesta Park at some point.  I’ll try to write about that ASAP, as soon as I get through the 300 pictures I took and find a few good ones for a post.